IAPMO IGC 329-2023 Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Tanks

IAPMO IGC 329-2023 Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Tanks



1 Scope
1.1 Scope
This Standard covers steel reinforced polyethylene septic and rainwater harvesting tanks intended for below ground applications and specifies requirements for materials, physical characteristics, performance testing, and markings.
Tanks covered by this Standard are,
(a) fabricated using steel reinforced high density polyethylene pipe;
(b) prefabricated or assembled at the site of final installation;
(c) intended for buried installations;
(d) intended for stationary (i.e., fixed) installations only; and
(e) intended for atmospheric pressure (i.e., nonā€pressurized) applications only.
Note: Steel reinforced polyethylene tanks are normally used for underground applications where soil provides support to their flexible walls. The tanks are normally fabricated utilizing SRPE walls with
bulkheads, risers, partitions, etc. as required for the project.


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